Brands to watch in the 2020s, according to experts

Brands to watch in the 2020s, according to experts

Brands to watch in the 2020s, according to experts

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13/02/2020 12:24

Brands to watch in the 2020s, according to experts: Vietnam is 3rd brand

As we enter an exciting new decade, Campaign asked brand specialists AnalogFolk, Landor, 1HQ and Superunion which brands in Asia Pacific stand the best chance of prospering in the 2020s, and why. Interestingly, Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi gets two votes.

Brands to watch in the 2020s, according to experts

Four branding experts give their view on which brands will be the ones to watch over the next decade.


It's going to be an intense decade for brands in Asia-Pacific. Home to both the largest economy by GDP in the world in China, and the fastest growing economies in the likes of India, Cambodia and Bangladesh, Asia Pacific will emerge as the key battleground for new and existing brands looking to capture growth in the 2020s.

We have already seen exponential growth in unicorns in the region, meanwhile some early adopter global brands are enjoying healthy returns from investing in the region. But not all brands will be winners. As competition heats up, some will be forced to disinvest or retreat all together.

As we enter an exciting new decade, Campaign asked brand specialists AnalogFolk, Landor, 1HQ and Superunion which brands in Asia Pacific stand the best chance of prospering in the 2020s, and why. Interestingly, Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi gets two votes.

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare, regional strategy director, Landor



1. Guangzhou Evergrande FC


Football has always been big business. On a brand superpower level, the emphasis has had a distinctly Westward slant. However, like a post-Christmas diet proves, the weight can always shift, and we might now finally be witnessing a change in the guard. The weak signals are already there. For the first time in China, home-grown club brands are becoming more popular domestically than the reds and blues of Europe. With a government-mandated—but nevertheless ambitious—goal of China being the best national team in the region by 2030 (and a world supremo by 2050), the investment at a public and private sector level is certainly there to scaffold such a meteoric rise. For that reason, it’s likely that a brand like Guangzhou Evergrande FC (Alibaba backed, top of the Chinese Super League) will dominate the next 10 years. We’ll see ever more fans, bigger trophies, new heroes and villains as well as merchandise galore carrying the name and logo, and increasing the profile of this awakening beast across a famously football hungry region

2. BYD



The subject of the environment will echo loudly through the next decade. That’s no great surprise given 2019 ends with bushfires and Greta Thunberg. This will prove a lucrative concern for many businesses. For one, we would call out the invisible giant BYD, which has incredibly managed to become the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles whilst remaining relatively unknown as a brand. But as their fleet of green cars continue to fuel the push for new sources of clean transport, it’s unlikely that will remain the case for long. Alliances with governments, electric taxi investments and changing consumer behaviours (paired with unchanging consumer needs around movement) point distinctly in the direction of BYD becoming a household name by decade end. The brand’s blueprint certainly stretches far beyond mainland China, and with the name being an acronym for build your dreams, BYD’s ‘next 10’ dream looks to be of the American variety. It has its ultimate sights firmly set on winning in that elusive market, at the expense of Elon and Tesla. Its success there will certainly be an effective barometer of its surging transnational brand dominance.

3. Vietnam



The reputation of a country is shaped by all its constituent parts. And we foresee Brand Vietnam capturing people’s imaginations in the next years in the same way everything ‘K–’ did in the departing ones, representing the apex of Vietnam’s resurgence following difficult historic episodes. Building on economic stability rooted in '80s reforms, the conditions are certainly more conducive than ever. Commercially, the country has homegrown mega-brands, and a young, tech-savvy middle class to buy them, as well as burgeoning startup, electronics, creative and manufacturing scenes. It is beginning to export aspects of its distinct culture, with Vietnamese coffee lingering just beneath the surface of regional coffee obsession—evidenced by Cong Caphe’s decision to open its first international outlet in Seoul, not Seattle. Demand for its local coffee is just a microcosm of the demand for the country as a whole. As its regional integration improves and its air connectivity expands, tourists are flocking there in growing numbers. All considered, it’s clear why Vietnam is predicted to be part of the exclusive ‘7%’ growth club of nations in the 2020s, and why this could well turn out to be the V-decade

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