BBC Connect - The top stories and ad opportunities from the past two weeks

BBC Connect - The top stories and ad opportunities from the past two weeks

BBC Connect - The top stories and ad opportunities from the past two weeks

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15/08/2020 14:38

BBC Connect - The top stories and ad opportunities from the past two weeks

Latest insights from BBC Global News







BBC News achieves record global audience with 438 million people on average every week during the period March 2019 – March 2020 – an increase of 49 million people (13%) compare to 2018 – 19

TV is the driving force behind our global footprint and the growth demonstrated by our weekly audiences which grew to 112m (+12%)

On digital, including social and off platform distribution, weekly audiences grow by 3m to 45m (+7%) and within that grew by 1.1m to 32m (+4%)

Source: Global Audience Measure (GAM) 2020






People everywhere are learning to live with the reality of COVID – 19 and as more countries reopen parts of their economies, the possibility of a global second wave emerges. We find out what consumers think about the future of work and sustainability trends.

As we settle into a new normal, audiences are consuming  more content on balancing new work routines with a healthy social life.

Audiences are cautious with resuming normalcy in the recovery phase with 82% of BBC APAC audiences interested in working from home permanently after Covid-19 ends. They are also open to the idea of continuing online video communications with at least half saying they would increase their use of videocalls for social and work purposes.

BBC Worklife saw a YoY increase of 60% in UVs and 72% increase of PVs at the peak of the pandemic in April 2020 and a record of 854K UVs and 1.7m PVs.

From our research, let see the information as below

92% of BBC APAC audiences say that the content on BBC Worklife is of a high quality

94% of BBC APAC audiences say that the content on BBC Worklife is educational

75% of BBC APAC audiences say that the content on BBC Worklife helps influence and inform their opinions and the issues covered.

Audiences have increased consumption of science and environment content since the

start of the pandemic, peaking in April 2020 with 3.8m PVs and 2.1m UVs. They are

also exploring alternative options to the usual norms when it comes to education and



They are increasingly aware that their personal efforts have an impact on the environment, with 90% realising the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

 90% of BBC audience in APAC also see the need for companies to start being accountable and behaving sustainably post-pandemic

Of all topic categories, Environment and Sustainability was the top category with over half a million page views (555K) in June 2020. Audiences also spent more time on articles in this category compared to average feature sites of 3 minutes per article. The hunt for the fish pirates who exploit the sea (click to read) Audiences spent over 5.5 minutes on this article, 84% above the 3 minute average on Feature Site Articles among APAC audiences.

92% of BBC APAC audiences are keen on enrolling in online learning programmes

90% of BBC APAC audiences are looking for alternatives to public transport for their commutes when the pandemic ends.

72% BBC audiences in APAC approve of brands running their usual advertising campaigns (+13% compared to March-April 2020)

Click here to read more

BBC reaches over 2.8 million High Net-Worth Individuals in APAC, which is at least half of the total HNWIs in APAC

HNWIs are 3.5x more likely to visit for content relating to BBC Culture

HNWIs are 3.9x more likely to visit for content related to Science & Environment

HNWIs are 3.5x more likely to visit for content relating to BBC Travel

Luxury Goods Consumers are 2.1x more likely to visit for content related to Science & Environmen

74% of BBC HWNI are supportive of brands carrying out their usual advertising activities during the pandemic

64% of BBC HWNI feel that it is important that brands support news outlets by advertising


To find out how to advertise on BBC News, please email

Or hotline 0915932392 – 09 02932392






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