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The Economist: The Horrible Housing Blunder - No 03 - 18th Jan 20

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This Week On The Economist 2020 No.3:

Home ownership is the West’s biggest economic-policy mistake
As our special report this week explains, much of the blame lies with warped housing policies that date back to the second world war and which are intertwined with an infatuation with home ownership. They have caused one of the rich world’s most serious and longest-running economic failures.

Back pain is a massive problem which is badly treated
Pete moore was 43 when he woke up one morning with back pain so excruciating that he struggled to dress himself. Mr Moore received a prescription for opioids to help him cope with the pain; but the pain persisted, and he found himself becoming loopy. This beg the question "Why are better approaches to helping sufferers so slow to spread?"

EQRX wants to make high-end medicines less costly
The company wants to re-engineer Big Pharma’s business model, as Amazon has done for retail or Spacex for rocketry. It will ruthlessly outsource where necessary. More ambitiously, it wants to trim the direct costs of drug development down

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