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The Economist: The future of learning-29
Together, technology and teachers can revamp school
IN 1953 B.F. Skinner visited his daughter’s maths class. The Harvard psychologist found every pupil learning the same topic in the same way at the same speed. A few days later he built his first “teaching machine”, which let children tackle questions at their own pace. By the mid-1960s similar gizmos were being flogged by door-to-door salesmen. Within a few years, though, enthusiasm for them had fizzled out.
The Economist: THE GERMAN PROBLEM-27
The good and bad in Germany’s economic model are strongly linked

Germany is admired for its stability but derided for persistent trade surpluses
The Economist: Terror and the Internet
Tech firms could do more to help stop the jihadists
But legal restrictions must be proportionate and thought through
The Economist: Ocean Warning
How to improve the health of the ocean
The ocean sustains humanity. Humanity treats it with contempt
EARTH is poorly named. The ocean covers almost three-quarters of the planet. It is divided into five basins: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Arctic and the Southern oceans. Were all the planet’s water placed over the United States, it would form a column of liquid 132km tall. The ocean provides 3bn people with almost a fifth of their protein (making fish a bigger source of the stuff than beef). Fishing and aquaculture assure the livelihoods of one in ten of the world’s people. Climate and weather systems depend on the temperature patterns of the ocean and its interactions with the atmosphere. If anything ought to be too big to fail, it is the ocean.
The Economist: Why Israel needs a Palestinian state
Why Israel needs a Palestinian state
More than ever, land for peace also means land for democracy
THE victory of Israel over the Arab armies that encircled it in 1967 was so swift and absolute that, many Jews thought, the divine hand must have tipped the scales. Before the six-day war Israel had feared another Holocaust; thereafter it became an empire of sorts.
Beautiful minds, wasted
Apr 16th 2016 I From the print edition
How to deal with autism
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Freelancers & Retirement
April 13, 2016
Spectrum shift
Apr 16th 2016 | From the print edition
Children in the rich world are far more.....
Getting People to Believe in Something They Can’t Yet Imagine
Getting People to Believe in Something They Can’t Yet Imagine
by Lee E. Miller and Kathleen Hayes Onieal | 1:00 PM October 10, 2014
Financial-technology firms - Revenge of the nerds
An explosion of start-ups is changing finance for the better
Aug 3rd 2013 |From the print edition
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